AIT Protocol Receives Investment from Animoca Brands to Pioneer advancements in decentralized AI

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  • April 23, 2024

Orlando, Florida, United States, 23rd Apr 2024 – In a significant move for decentralized AI, AIT Protocol announced today that it has received investment from and partnered with Animoca Brands, marking an important step in advancing AI tech and its integration into blockchain ecosystems. The support from Animoca Brands will expedite the development of AI within the AIT Protocol, accelerating innovation and expanding the possibilities of native applications.


Animoca Brands is a global leader in gamification and blockchain with a large portfolio of over 400 investments in Web3. Its mission is to advance digital property rights and decentralized projects to help build the open metaverse.

One of the primary objectives of this partnership is to solidify AIT Protocol’s position as a leading project in the AI space, while aiming to strengthen its role as the pioneering entity operating a Subnet on the Bittensor Network. This strategic move also paves the path for new opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and adoption within the vibrant AI and blockchain communities.

The integration of Animoca Brands’ industry-leading insights with AIT Protocol’s innovative decentralized AI approach sets the stage for transformative developments that will reshape the technological landscape in the near future.

 About AIT Protocol

AIT Protocol leads Web3 data infrastructure, focusing on data annotation and AI training using blockchain. It creates a decentralized labor market across borders, incentivizing participants with crypto economics principles for swift payments and trust. AIT’s ‘Einstein AIT’ subnet on Bittensor specializes in math, logic, and data analysis to optimize the network’s response accuracy through autonomous code execution in Python environments.

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