Snork Launches the Unique Crypto Meme Coin Making Significant Gains in 2024

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  • May 21, 2024

Kansas City, Kansas, United States, 20th May 2024 – Snork is a newly established crypto platform in the industry. In the latest record, the company has announced its Crypto Meme Coin and that it is gaining significant success in 2024. Snork has emerged as noteworthy meme coin in 2024 amongst many meme-based crypto currencies that has witnessed a substantial surge in popularity due to their close ties with memes and prevailing social media trends. 

Snork Launches the Unique Crypto Meme Coin Making Significant Gains in 2024

Snork meme coins are a unique category of crypto currency, drawing inspiration from internet memes and social media trends. Their significance lies in their association with meme culture rather than inherent value or specific purpose. These coins are notably volatile, experiencing substantial popularity driven by viral internet memes and influential social media figures whose tweets can significantly impact their market capitalization. 

Snork Launches the Unique Crypto Meme Coin Making Significant Gains in 2024

With the new developments, Snork has been launched as a “sleeping giant” meme coin on Solana Blockchain in 2024, featuring a playful aquatic character named SNORK. Snork Tokenomics are as follows:

  • Market Cap – $7.25M
  • Circulating Supply – 21 Million
  • Total Supply – 21 Million
  • Price – $0.34540011 USD
  • Minting Authority – Revoked
  • Token is immutable
  • Freeze Authority – Revoked
  • Zero Tax
  • No private sales, No IDOs/ICOs, no pre-sales

Snork has rapidly built a strong community presence on platforms like Telegram ad Twitter, with growing momentum. The Snork website, popular among the meme community, features a live wallet holder counter and plans for future trading. Snork is currently available on different decentralized exchanges as well as listing applications are under with major exchanges. 

Snork Launches the Unique Crypto Meme Coin Making Significant Gains in 2024

Consequently, for future development, the Snork has secured a listing agreement with MEXC, with a launch date to be announced in June 2024. Applications are also in progress with other Tier-1centralized exchanges. Also it is now available on Raydium and Jupiter, and interested users can check it out on DexTools. 

The industry meme coins presents considerable risks due to their ties to hype, social media, and inherent volatility. Despite these risks, meme coins have gained prominence in 2024, attracting interest from dedicated communities. Comprehensive research and understanding of potential risks and rewards are important before making any trading decisions related to meme coins. For traders seeking an exciting opportunity, Snork is set to become the next major mover in the crypto meme coin market.

 About the Company – Snork

Snork is an innovative meme coin launched on the Solana Blockahain in 2024, featuring a playful and happy aquatic character name SNORK. Designed to be an honest and transparent crypto currency, Snork distinguishes itself with several key attributes. The freeze authorities have been revoked, making the token immutable. It means that Snork cannot be manipulated post launch, providing a secure and stable trading opportunity for its holders. 

The Solana Contract Address is: 8S24pfgvhdkDQCTReLoP71xxfbKp98iTWAsvYRuEyEBM

For further details, visit the following link:

WebsiteTwitterTelegram | Dextools | Raydium DEX | Jupiter DEX

Media Contact

Organization: Snork

Contact Person: Matoshi Dakamoto



City: Kansas City

State: Kansas

Country: United States

Release Id: 21052412113

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